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Physics Essays

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Light Trapping Properties of Solar Cells

In this paper, we have investigated the light trapping properties of solar cells based on one-dimensional photonic crystal (1DPC) by using finite…

Time Travel through HOLE Teleportation

Time travel as its name suggest is movement of an object over time constraining its motion over space. By constraining the motion of an object in space…

Simple Harmonic Motion Experiment

In this experiment, a motion sensor is used to measure the position of an oscillating mass as a function of time. The frequency of oscillations will…

Radioisotopes: Properties and Uses

All matter is made up from elements as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The smallest part of each element which is identical to one another is called an atom.

Negative Absolute Temperature Thermodynamics

We called absolute temperature as a temperature where on the Kelvin scale 0 K as the absolute zero point, where all motion in a classical gas would stop.

Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)

The optical detection system of the AFM detects the displacement of the cantilever. This system consists of a four-quadrant photodiode and a laser source.

Analysis of Safeguarding Measures

The aim of this study is to find out how the workers in the textile industry perceive the use of the different methods of machine safeguarding that…

Effect of Battery Voltage on Output

The aim of this experiment only using this setup is to see how the voltage of the battery affects the number of times the wire revolves around the…

Development of an Air Pack

An air sack is an inflatable pad intended to secure vehicles inhabitants from genuine harm on account of an impact. The air sack is a piece of an…

Studying X-ray Binary Systems

This proposed mission will be advancement on previous studies by the improvement in capabilities with response to scientific developments of the last…

Experiment of Hooke’s Law

This experiment is aimed to investigate the relationship between the mass that is being slotted at the end of spring and the time taken for the spring…