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Languages Essays

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Grammatical constraints on code-switching

The behaviour of bilingual and multilingual speakers in a wide variety of speech communities and a broad range of social contexts has been the subject of research since the 1970s.

The Life Of Alexander Pushkin

Freedom in Alexander Pushkin’s literary works occupies one of the central positions; however, Pushkin treats freedom from various sides and perspectives. Living in…

Eal Observed In A Primary School

Learning a second language is one adaptation skill that proves to be necessary when diverse cultures come together.

An overview of World Englishes

Among thousand languages in the world, English has become an International English since it is a multinational, multicultural and multifunctional language.

Chat language

Chat Language is a recent concept which is characterized

Language transfer

The title of this research article has caught my attention because it talks about language transfer which is an area I am always interested in knowing more about it.

Contrastive analysis

Contrastive analysis(CA) is a method to distinguish between what are needed and not needed to learn by the target language(TL) learner by evaluating languages (M.Gass & Selinker, 2008).

Cosmetic products

Cosmetic products are very important in human life due to the improvement of the living standards.

Manages debated and controversial topic in english

The way in which our innate language abilities are able to influence how successfully we manage to use a language is a somewhat debated and controversial topic within the world of linguistics.

Characterize The Protagonist

Thesis Statement: The narrator, who originally loves animals and his wife, turns violent towards them and even kills his wife, because of alcohol addiction.

The First Born

The title of this poem is The First Born. The poem is set in Australia today.